Wrestling is a fickle industry. People come, do their jobs, and just leave. In the WWE, every superstar, after a period of time, eventually hangs up his boots and retires from the sport. When a said superstar retires, there are always hundred wrestlers willing to take the said superstars’ place, but can they do it? That’s for the future generations to find out, but what will happen if the company boy, or the face of the WWE retires?

John Cena plays an essential role in the company. From promoting the company at events, to signing autographs and taking pictures, and competing in the ring, John Cena is the perfect face for any company. Unfortunately, John Cena is human, and he will be retiring soon. Therefore, the question arises, what will happen if the Cenation leader retires? Who will take his spot as the face of the WWE?

Here are a few options who could fit in Cena’s two shoes, and run with the ball. For any superstar, this would be a golden opportunity and someone would be a fool to not grab it by both hands. Faces don’t need to wrestle well; all they need to do is talk well, and walk well, and you can see a future champion. The following are ten names who can easily take Cena’s spot, and could be the next face of the WWE.

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This article was first posted on April 2, 2013