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Moves off the top rope have everything a wrestling fan could want. The anxiety as the wrestler makes their way up top, the athleticism as the move is executed, and the drama of what happens after they hit it or not, all delivered in a few tense moments.

Here’s a list, by no means completely encompassing and in no particular order, of some memorable top rope maneuvers and the people behind the moves.


11. The Superfly – Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka

Prior to the 1980′s wrestlers very rarely ventured any higher than their own vertical leap. That changed when a chiseled high flyer from the Fiji Islands performed the Superfly – a body splash from the top rope. The move combined a simple elegance with devastating impact.

Snuka’s splash on Don Muraco from Madison Square Garden in 1983, FROM THE TOP OF A STEEL CAGE, is an iconic moment in professional wrestling history and helped influence a generation to take up the wrestling trade, including most famously, Mick Foley.

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This article was first posted on March 7, 2013