WWE: 13 Worst Ever Tag Team Gimmicks In Wrestling History

12. Gymini

There have never been a set of twins holding the WWE Tag Team Championships, we've had plenty of brothers, both real and kayfabe. The Hardys, The Steiners and The Valiant Brothers have all held the gold, but we had never seen a set of real life twins taking to the ring together. So when the WWE finally found their wrestling twins they needed to give them a decent gimmick, a good push and surely they couldn't go wrong. Unfortunately the reality was entirely different, and the gimmick so wrong. The Shane Brothers were solid, if unspectacular in the ring, and the WWE decided to pair them with Simon Dean, portrayed by the incredibly talented, and inventive, Mike Bucci, who was supposed to be a fitness freak, a similar character to Ben Stiller in the film Dodgeball. One Smackdown, Dean introduced the world to his new protégées, a pair of twins who used his health supplements, the Simon System, and who he called Gymini, merely referring to them as #1 and #2. Unfortunately Gymini didn't exactly scream fitness gurus; instead, wearing plain black trunks, with matching bald heads and goatee beards they looked like a pair of Stone Cold Steve Austin impersonators, and though by no means in bad shape, they were hardly an advertisement for a health product, especially in comparison to some of the incredible physiques on show in the WWE. The gimmick was an absolute failure, and only 6 months later Gymini were gone from the WWE, remaining only as a baffling memory.

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