WWE: 20 Best Moments in WWE Raw History

After last week’s Raw 1,000th – here’s our Top 20 Moments in WWE Raw history…

Patrick Farren


After last week’s Raw 1,000th – here’s our Top 20 Moments in WWE Raw history…

20. Evolution turns on Randy Orton


Randy Orton was on a roll in 2004. He was blazing a trail as the “Legend Killer,” making a name for himself at the expense of some wrestling legends. Orton had people on his list like Harley Race, Shawn Michaels and Rob Van Dam, then made a huge step forward to main event status after a career defining match against Mick Foley at Backlash 2004. This was the start of a run towards the World Heavyweight Title, which Randy won at Summerslam from Chris Benoit, becoming the Youngest World Heavyweight Champion in the process.

After winning the title, Benoit showed Orton some respect by shaking his hand and congratulating his ability to step up to the plate. The following night on Raw, Evolution also congratulated Orton for bringing the title back into the group. Unfortunately for Orton, the celebration turned out to be a swerve. As he celebrated on the shoulders of Flair and Batista, leader Triple H gave the Roman Gladiator style “thumbs down,” and they dropped Orton to the mat and beat him down for having the audacity to win the title that was supposed to belong to Triple H. Although this ended up with Randy’s first title reign ending after only a month, this moment was the beginning of his first face turn and WWE learned from its mistakes months later when it was Batista’s turn to ditch Evolution.


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