WWE's John Cena And Nikki Bella "Basically Back Together"

Who saw that coming?

cena bella

Well colour us the deepest shade of surprised. Just over a month after their dramatic schism, John Cena and Nikki Bella are said to be back sharing the same bedroom.

According to sources close to PEOPLE, the sundered superstars are apparently "basically back together," a happy outcome of Big John effectively being cowed into falling in line with all Nikki's demands. "He was poured his heart out to her, and she was more than ready to take him back once she heard what she needed to hear," the source revealed.

The pair announced their split in April, just three weeks before they were set to tie the knot. Nikki's decision to call the wedding off was supposedly based on irreconcilable differences between their respective stances on having kids, and absolutely nothing to do with ensuring a ratings spike for the recently returned Total Bellas.

Call us cynical, but we've all been watching wrestling waaay too long. Eau de la rate is an all too familiar scent.

Seemingly, now Cena has suddenly realised he agrees wholeheartedly with Nikki's feelings on starting a family - and now all the necessary scenes have been reshot for the reality show - the wedding is back on. And you can catch it on the E! Network this summer!

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