WWE: 4 Reasons Why John Cena Should Turn Heel

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Before you immediately click the button on the top right corner of your screen, note that this isn't one of those over-analyzing type of articles which base their argument on the following argument: "Cena should turn heel because he's the worst wrestler ever", yet, this article will list five reasons why John Cena should effectively turn heel at WrestleMania. John Cena is WWE's franchise boy and is the top face currently. John Cena has been in the WWE for ten years, and for all of those years, he has remained a kid-loving, wife-hugging face who's loved by everyone...until 2006. John Cena has been the only WWE superstar currently who gets polarizing reactions from the crowd, and while Cena enjoys it, those reactions aren't healthy for WWE and John Cena's stock and character. In any WWE event, we usually find the men in the crowd chanting, "Cena sucks!", while the kids and the ladies chant "Let's go Cena!". The crowd is usually heated up whenever Cena arrives, and while this was a good thing for the 'E before, it has become a disaster now. Also, Cena is the biggest face in the company, yet he receives jeers more than any other heel, which is unattractive to witness. Therefore, what is WWE's best solution for this? It's simple. WWE should simply turn John Cena heel. Still not convinced why The Champ should turn heel at WrestleMania? Here are four reasons why John Cena should effectively take a turn to the dark side, and forget being the good guy anymore.
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