WWE: 5 Awesome Intercontinental Champions and 5 That Sucked

Once regarded as a stepping stone to the WWE Championship or, at the very least, a consolation prize for top talent who were never going to get that World Title run, the Intercontinental Championship has always been a highly regarded belt. Not only in the WWE, but in all of professional wrestling. From its fictitious origin involving a wrestling tournament to crown the first champion in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which just goes to show how much they could get away with in wrestling back before the internet ruined kayfabe, to now, the Intercontinental Title has given us great matches and even greater champions.

5 Intercontinental Champions That Sucked...

5. Road Dogg

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5LfmUADGOw It should€™ve been Billy Gunn. Think about it. The New Age Outlaws were so popular at the time that the WWE decided to give them each their own run at a singles title. The obvious choice for I-C Champ was Billy Gunn. It made sense. This is a time when people gave a crap about Billy Gunn. Road Dogg€™s skills and personality were made for the Hardcore Championship division. But no, they gave him the Intercontinental Title. Granted this was the Attitude Era and everyone seemed to get a run with most titles, at least once. Being champion guaranteed the Road Dogg a spot on Wrestlemania XV where he defended against Ken Shamrock, Goldust, and Val Venis. All viable options to upend the former Roadie for the IC belt. Instead, he retained! Luckily, he only lasted 14 days as IC Champion, having lost the title to Goldust two weeks later on an episode of Monday Night Raw. As opposed to say... Wrestlemania XV.
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