By now we have all heard the shocking news: CM Punk confronted Vince McMahon, told him he was going home and hopped on a plane to Chicago. For fans not only of the WWE but of wrestling in general, this was a crippling blow: Punk is not just one of the most passionate and driven performers in the business, he is also one of the most beloved.

When both Daniel Bryan and CM Punk got into the WWE at the same time, it was like a dream come true for wrestling fans to see both heroes of the independent wrestling scene with all the talent in the ring performing on the biggest arenas all over the world.

Punk has since been removed from all house shows and scheduled events in response to the confrontation, all WWE merchandise with his likeness has also been removed from the WWE online store, and no mention of Punk (except for the fan chants, which WWE can really do nothing about aside from confiscating fan signs) will appear on WWE broadcasts. Given that immediate, and unforgiving editing process, it seems like the Straight-Edge Superstar is gone for good.

But is he really?

There’s a nagging suspicion that this is not the end, and surely CM Punk is too passionate a performer to be away for long. So, with that in mind, here are the top five reasons why CM Punk will eventually return…

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This article was first posted on February 10, 2014