WWE: 5 Superstars That Changed Their Name For The Better

Recently in WWE we have seen many superstars change their image and name. Joe Hennig went from Michael McGillicutty to…

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Recently in WWE we have seen many superstars change their image and name. Joe Hennig went from Michael McGillicutty to Curtis Axel in order to save his career, Ryan Reeves went from Skip Sheffield to Ryback and has gained more recognition since even main eventing Extreme Rules against John Cena for the WWE Championship.

More recently we have seen Windham Rotunda change his name from Husky Harris to Bray Wyatt, although this has been a huge positive and lift for Wyatt’s career there has been chants of ‘Husky Harris’ through the arena most notably on his debut.

In this article I’m going to look at the history of name changing in the WWE and bring to you the superstars who have altered their persona for success.


5. Isaac Yankem DDS Became Kane

yankem kane

Kane’s real name is Glen Jacobs and when he came to the WWE Vince Mcmahon originally gave him the role of Jerry Lawler’s dentist. The Dentist’s name was Isaac Yankem and he took pleasure in hurting his patients. Isaac was thrown into the long lasting Bret Hart vs Jerry Lawler feud so this meant he was thrown into an upper card situation.

Although showing signs of ring ability and promo skills, the dentist gimmick didn’t really catch on after his matches with Bret Hart. Yankem became a jobber to the likes of Marc Mero, Ahmed Johnson and Bob Holly. The dentist gimmick soon fizzled out and the future Kane was re introduced as fake Diesel, however his impression of ┬áDiesel was very poor and his gimmick didn’t catch on.

Kane debuted in the first ever Hell in a Cell match, costing his brother the match against Shawn Michaels. As Undertaker’s brother, the character was instantly a hit, Kane took part in a big feud against Undertaker and was involved in his first Wrestlemania match against the phenom at Wrestlemania 14, Kane also won the WWE title for a very short time in 1998.

Since his breakthrough start Kane has been a permanent fixture in the WWE, he has won an impressive 10 tag titles with a mixture of partners such as  Rob Van Dam, Big Show, Mankind, X-Pac, Undertaker, Hurricane and Daniel Bryan. He has won the World Heavyweight title, ECW heavyweight title , Intercontinental and Hardcore Championships, he is also a Royal Rumble specialist. Kane has been in the WWE for sixteen years and has even starred in his own WWE film See no evil. Kane is still as the top his game currently feuding with new talents the Wyatt Family.