WWE: 6 Divas That Must Return In 2014

1. Mickie James

Mickie James "The nutjob has won the title!" Those are the words that WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross said when Mickie James defeated Trish Stratus to win the WWE Women's Title at WrestleMania 22 in 2006. It's one of the best divas feuds in WWE history and one that is still talked about today. Why? Because Trish and Mickie are two of the best divas ever. Trish Stratus has moved on from the wrestling business after retiring in 2006, getting married, opening up a yoga studio and becoming a mother in 2013. Mickie continues to wrestle at a very high level. In terms of accomplishments, few women in WWE history can touch what Mickie has done in her career. She's won the WWE Women's Championship 5 times and held the Divas Title once. Her WWE career started in developmental in 2003, she made the main roster in 2005 thanks to that storyline with Stratus. In 2010 she was released from her contract. While Mickie has a successful country music career that she's also pursuing (two albums have been produced including 2013's "Somebody's Gonna Pay"), she has continued to wrestle all over the world since her WWE departure in 2010. She moved on to TNA Wrestling where she spent three years and won their Knockouts Title three times. She's the only woman in wrestling that can say she's held the WWE Women's & Divas Titles along with the TNA Knockouts Title. In November of 2013, Mickie spent a week at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. She was invited by WWE to help train their divas of tomorrow. In an interview with WWE.com, Mickie spoke about who she would like to work with if she returned to WWE. "I would love to work with Natalya; we only had a couple matches when I was there. I would love to work with AJ Lee, and I think Brie has really come a long way since I was in WWE, so I'd love to do some stuff with her." Mickie also spoke about how she would be interested in a WWE return. "I would absolutely love that, but you never know. I'm just trying to take advantage of this opportunity. If I can pass a little knowledge of what I know, then hopefully that will do something, if not for me, then for the future of WWE and women's wrestling itself." I think everything is setting up nicely for a WWE return for her. She's 34 years old with 15 years of experience. In terms of her physical appearance, she's in tremendous shape and works on indy wrestling shows all over the world. The fact that she would spend a work at the Performance Center helping the divas of tomorrow also shows how much interest she has in returning to WWE. The combination of somebody that can perform at a really level in the ring and on the microphone, plus has the knowledge to share with younger wrestlers is a winning one in my opinion. Mickie James is my favorite woman in wrestling history. Nothing would make me happier then to see her return to WWE for another run in 2014 so that she can add another chapter to her already successful career.
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