NXT is the current developmental territory for WWE. No, it’s not about silly competitions that included races around the ring or anything similar, NXT is has been repackaged in August 2012 into the new developmental territory, replacing the previous holder of that title, FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling). That means that before wrestlers debut on the main roster, they spent some time down there.

NXT has its own weekly show (which is the best weekly WWE show at the moment, but that’s a subject for another article), wrestlers develop their gimmick, ring skills, mic skills, and many other aspects down in NXT. Being someone who watches NXT regularly, I feel like I have some knowledge about each talent’s skills and abilities. But why am I rambling on about NXT?

Because here, I will list the 7 superstars who I believe are the next possible people who will be called up to the main roster. After Triple H took control over developmental, it has been ruled that each talent must have long term creative plans for the main roster before they debut. This prevents situations like the one that occurred with Kaval, who was an amazing talent, but had nothing to do when he was promoted to the main roster, and was released shortly thereafter (in this particular case it wasn’t just that, had to do with his attitude, but still, he spent months without a feud on the main shows), so it’s important to note that people don’t just get called up for no reason anymore.

This list takes many factors into consideration, including ring skill, promo skill, character development, seasoning (how long they’ve been down in Florida, where NXT is taped), among other aspects.

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This article was first posted on December 12, 2013