WWE: 8 Wrestlers Whose Gimmicks Were Ripped Off From Video Games

1. Glacier €“ Sub Zero From Mortal Kombat

Sub Zero Glacier While a number of other characters got a pass because they got beyond rip off status by making their character cool or slightly different, like Mortis and Gangrel mentioned earlier, Glacier is one of the most blatant wrestling rip offs of all time and it is hardly shocking to see him top this list. Sub Zero and Glacier were obviously characters based on ice and the similarities didn't end there: both used martial arts moves, wore face masks and shot out ice. In Glacier's entrance synthetic snow would fall in the arena along with lasers shooting around the audience. The sad thing is that had he not been such a blatant ripoff of Sub Zero, he might have been pretty cool, especially as the martial arts style and his unique entrance was something rarely seen in wrestling during this period. How about his Mortal Kombat inspired music or with his kata routine in the ring? It couldn't get any more obvious. As a final crowning rip-off, Glacier, played by Ray Lloyd also wore blue contacts similar to the blue eyes of Sub Zero. \ While Sub Zero will go down as one of the most iconic characters in gaming history, Glacier will go down as one of WCW's biggest flops. Do any other wrestlers belong on this list? Share your own picks below.
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