WWE Adds New Talent To NXT Performance Center

11 new faces in the WWE.

The WWE Performance Center has added eleven new recruits. The exciting new class includes former college athletes and indie wrestlers, with the men and women coming from across seven different countries. They'll be joining the fifty-five people who already train at the Performance Center. It is the feeder for NXT, which in turns feed into WWE's flagship Raw and Smackdown shows. There's a very good chance that you'll be seeing the above performers in a WWE ring very soon, particularly with the WWE Network adding extra exposure to NXT's show. This is a fantastic opportunity for the recruits to improve their potential in the business. The Performance Center boasts seven training rings, a world-class strength and conditioning program and cutting-edge edit and production facilities €œThe global reach of WWE is reflected in the diversity of this class of NXT recruits,€ said Paul €œTriple H€ Levesque, WWE Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative. €œTalent is the most important natural resource we have, and these individuals will have every opportunity to hone their skills and fulfill their dream of becoming a WWE Superstar or Diva at the WWE Performance Center.€ The new NXT class includes: Australia: · Cassie McIntosh (Born in Sydney, resides in Melbourne, Australia) €“ Trained with Pro Wrestling Alliance in Sydney since 2011. In 2012, was trained by Lance Storm, a former WWE Superstar who now runs the Storm Wrestling Academy. Proficient in dance and acrobatics. · Jessica McKay (Sydney, Australia) €“ Since 2008, has trained with Pro Wrestling Alliance in Sydney, as well as Ring of Honor. Canada: · Nhooph Al-Areebi (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) €“ Trained with Squared Circle since 2011 and was a member of the Toronto Circus School from 2008-2012. Also trained in rhythmic gymnastics. Speaks English and Arabic. Germany: · Axel Tischer (Dresdan, Germany) €“ Trained with GWF Wrestling in Berlin since 2006. Served in the German Army from 2005-2007, achieving the rank of Private First Class. Mexico: · Oscar Vasquez (Ciudad Juarez, Mexico) €“ Trained in Juarez in Lucha Libre style of wrestling. Worked with CWF Mid-Atlantic. Dual citizen of Mexico and the U.S. Serbia: · Radomir Petkovic (Belgrade, Serbia) €“ European Vice Champion at the 2010 European Wrestling Championships and was a two-time bronze medalist at 2009 Mediterranean Games in Greco-Roman and Freestyle. Speaks Russian and English. United Kingdom: · Peter Howard (Exeter, England) €“ Played collegiate Rugby in the UK and was a regional Discus Champion. United States: · Kenneth Crawford (Chicago, Illinois/Anson County, North Carolina) €“ Served in the US Marine Corps for four years and accumulated a perfect 300 score in the United States Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test. Holds the North Carolina South Piedmont and Anson High School records in the 200 meter, 400 meter and 4 X 4 relay. Anson High School Athlete of the Year in 2007. · Thomas Kingdon (Traverse City, Michigan) €“ Competed in Amateur Bodybuilding and won the Super Heavy Weight Class at the 2013 NPC Central States Competition. · Sesugh Uhaa (Atlanta, Georgia) €“ High School Soccer, Football and Track & Field star. Began training in 2009 and worked for Dragon Gate USA. · Levis Valenzuela Jr. (Durham, North Carolina) €“ Trained with CWF Mid-Atlantic in 2013. Proficient in dance and won various awards for collegiate ballroom dancing. Holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from UNC Charlotte. Grew up in the United States, lived in South Korea from 2011-2013 and speaks Spanish. Photo from left to right: Nhoop Al-Areebi (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), Cassie McIntosh (Born in Sydney, resides in Melbourne, Australia), Jessica McKay (Sydney, Australia), , Oscar Vasquez (Cuidad Juarez, Mexico), Kenneth Crawford (Chicago, Illinois/Anson County, North Carolina), Radomir Petkovic (Belgrade, Serbia), Levis Valenzuela Jr. (Durham, North Carolina), Thomas Kingdon (Traverse City, Michigan), Sesugh Uhaa (Atlanta, Georgia), Peter Howard (Exeter, England), Axel Tischer (Dresdan, Germany)
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