WWE Advertising Nia Jax Vs. Dean Ambrose At Live Event

Match advertised as "Intergender Special Attraction".

Dean Ambrose Nia Jax

It looks as though WWE are to continue testing the water of mixed-gender matches, with an upcoming house show appearance slated to build upon the post-Royal Rumble tension between Nia Jax and Dean Ambrose.

The pair had a heated altercation on the Raw following the Rumble, and it now looks as if they are set to actually lock horns in a set of unprecedented WWE Live contests.

A commercial for an upcoming show on Friday 22 February in Jonesboro, AR, as captured by Twitter user @flairsnia, is currently billing an 'Intergender Special Attraction' pitting Ambrose vs. current bĂȘte noir Jax.

Nia Jax's participation in this year's men's Royal Rumble broke the decade plus seal on the can of worms labeled 'intergender wrestling'. WWE's modification of their guidelines following the move to PG in 2008 has largely prohibited cross-gender action, minus incidental or accidental contact (Chris Jericho lamping Shawn Michael's wife Rebecca, for example).

It's unclear at this stage whether WWE's new tolerance for intergender wrestling reflects a similar tolerance on the part of their sponsors, and in particular toy manufacturer Mattel, who are known to be strictly against male-on-female violence.

Dean Ambrose is set to leave WWE when his contract expires following WrestleMania. Whether WWE will continue with intergender wrestling beyond this programme remains uncertain. Knowing the company's often perverse logic, this could easily be about 'punishing' him on his way out - completely contrary to the concept of 'equality'.

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