WWE Confirm Jason Jordan To Miss WrestleMania

Nepotism doesn't pay.

Kurt Angle Jason Jordan

Last night on Monday Night Raw, WWE confirmed that Jason Jordan is sadly set to miss out on WrestleMania 34 as a consequence of recent neck surgery.

Kurt Angle trotted out during the broadcast to confirm Jordan's absence, claiming "mixed emotions" as he spoke of the minimally invasive surgery which is due to sideline his supposed 'son'. The decision to go under the knife will ultimately reduce Jordan's convalescence, but at the cost of him being forced to watch the biggest show of the year from the bleachers.

As of yet, a precise date for the former American Alpha supremo's return is not yet set in stone. The procedure, known medically as a posterior cervical microdisectomy, decompresses a nerve in a herniated disc, avoiding the necessity for spinal fusion. The upside is that recovery time is much shorter - obviously a boon for a pro-wrestler with a limited shelf life. The downside is that disc herniation is likely to reoccur as the problem has only partially been addressed.

Of course, this is wrestling, so there's always the outside chance the extent of Jordan's injuries are been exaggerated ahead of a 'shock(!)' WrestleMania run in, but all the evidence suggests otherwise. Especially as it'd be a crap way of doing things.

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