In an astonishing piece of news, WWE Diva Natalya is to be involved in an angle where she struggles with flatulence and farts frequently in segments.

An angle was recorded on this Friday Night’s SmackDown where Natalya accidentally farts during a backstage confrontation with Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long and Aksana. Both and are reporting that this was not just a one-off thing and similar moments are expected to continue in the weeks going forward. Who finds this flatulence gimmick, for lack of a better term, amusing and what strength or interest does it bring to the character? Beats me.

Over the past few weeks Natalya has been struggling to have anything to do on television except continue her jobbing out to Divas to make Beth Phoenix’s opponents at least look somewhat credible. I was hoping that they would go with a slow face turn where Natalya where eventually we could see a Beth Phoenix vs Natalya Woman’s Title match culminate a feud at WWE WrestleMania 28 but unless the wind changes (and Natalya’s) that is the furthest thing from WWE creative’s mind right now.

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This article was first posted on February 2, 2012