WWE Edits Out MAJOR Seth Rollins Boos On Raw

'The Beastslayer' wasn't a popular man in Manchester.

Seth Rollins

This week's WWE Raw from Manchester, England, was taped last Friday night, with spoilers hitting the internet as the drama unfolded.

One of the most interesting things these reports revealed was Seth Rollins' reception, with the British crowd seemingly jeering the former Universal Champion far more heavily than most American audiences generally would. This was partly acknowledged on Raw, with Rollins noting the "finicky" Manchester crowd's "energy," though it sounded very much like WWE had edited the jeers' true extent.

A new report from Wrestling Inc.'s Marc Middleton summarises the situation nicely. It includes an account from one fan who observed that WWE went as far as editing in crowd footage from Raw's 28 October episode in St. Louis, Missouri, in order to make Seth's reaction look more favourable, with said fan spotting themselves on this week's broadcast after attending the aforementioned October show.

In addition, the report mentions talkSPORT's Alex McCarthy, who was in the building and said that Rollins' proclamation that he was the "best wrestler on the planet" was met with particularly loud boos, though this wasn't reflected on Monday's broadcast.

If accurate, these accounts highlight how stubborn WWE remain in trying to present Rollins as 'The Guy.'

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