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On last night’s RAW, Eve Torres lost her WWE Diva’s Championship in a match with Kaitlyn. A move that many had speculated would happen purely to shake things up; but it would appear the reason is far more serious.

It is being reported that Eve has asked for her leave with the WWE and supposedly last night’s RAW may have been the last night we see her for at least the foreseeable future. Eve requested her leave due to feeling run down with the road schedule and wanting to concentrate on her home life.

To me this couldn’t come at a worse time seeing as Kaitlyn and Eve had created a nice little programme around the Divas belt and were very much the only things going in the division. From here, I’m not sure where WWE can go with the ladies of the WWE but needless to say, the division is falling rapidly into obscurity.

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This article was first posted on January 15, 2013