WWE Evolution: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

A surprisingly solid show.

WWE Evolution 2018 Becky Lynch Charlotte

Though it's an undeniably transparent consolation prize for the WWE women's roster that they get their own PPV mere days before WWE heads to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel - to which they're not invited - Evolution in fact turned out to be one of the most consistent main roster shows of the year so far.

There weren't any stinkers at all among the seven-match card, and while WWE could've just cynically slapped the show together with minimal effort and imagination, they delivered three must-see matches, one of which can stake a claim for being the strongest main roster women's match in years.

Not everything was great, sure, but there weren't any bizarro two-minute squash matches and only one particularly frustrating finish across the card.

If Evolution is going to become an annual PPV fixture, as it absolutely should, then this was a remarkable calling card for the future. And who knows, perhaps fans might even get treated to a few women-centric shows every year. One can hope...


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