WWE Extreme Rules 2019: 20 Things You Probably Missed

Corbin's potty mouth, 'Taker's redemption and fans topping WWE cameramen...

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Between that Hardy Boyz-esque double table spot, some male-on-female violence and some seriously stiff kendo stick shots, the main event of Sunday's Extreme Rules pay-per-view delivered. Apologies in advance to any Baron Corbin haters, because he more than played his part. You've got your wish come true anyway, as it looks like Corbin's headline run is over.

He went out with a bang. One motherf*cker of a sh*t storm.

Why all the profanity? Well, WWE delivered some of their own here, and you might not have picked up on what Baron said after blasting Becky Lynch with his finish. That's one of 20 things you probably missed from Extreme Rules, a pay-per-view that exceeded expectations going in (unlike Stomping Grounds) and had some seriously hot matches.

This collection of hidden gems, however, showcases the potential for very un-"Extreme" match types, some senseless censoring, announcers almost putting their foot in it, ace fan cam footage of an impressive bump, risqué camera angles, a legend reborn, Elias ruining top moments and much, much more.

Here's everything you might've missed from the last supershow stop before SummerSlam...

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