WWE Fires Jimmy Jacobs After Bullet Club Photo

Jimmy Jacobs had been with the company since March 2015.

Jimmy Jacobs Bullet Club
Instagram, @jimmyjacobsx

Jimmy Jacobs has been released from WWE after taking a picture with several Bullet Club members during last month's "invasion" of law, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Jacobs, who'd been working as a writer and producer for the company, posted a snap featuring NJPW/ROH's Marty Scurll, Adam Page, and The Young Backs to Instagram following the group's PR stunt. A former Ring Of Honor star himself, Jimmy had been working with WWE since March 2015.

Dave Meltzer has corroborated the news on Twitter.

Inspired by D-Generation X's invasion of WCW Nitro during the Monday Night Wars, The Young Bucks staged the takeover for their Being The Elite web series. Several WWE wrestlers have appeared on the show in the past, including Kevin Owens and AJ Styles, but Bullet Club's actions have clearly prompted a shift in the company's attitude.

The report notes that WWE were angered by the stunt, and that it may have led to them sending The Young Bucks a cease and desist over their use of 'Too Sweet.' The company have thus far refused to comment on Jacobs' departure, as per Pro Wrestling Sheet, but Jimmy is already selling a t-shirt featuring the Instagram post.

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