WWE: For All Mankind - The Life And Career Of Mick Foley DVD Review

In life, sometimes when you chase a dream you have to take a leap of faith. This jump is not without its consequences, gaining you many bruises and scars along the way. But if you put passion and love in everything you do you could transcend anything you thought possible and make an impact in the world. These words personify one of the most iconic wrestlers in the modern era. A guy that is the best-selling author, philanthropist, comedian, world champion and sock puppet aficionado Mick Foley. In the latest WWE DVD release, entitled "For All Mankind: the Life and Career of Mick Foley" they attempt to get a more in-depth look at the man behind the madness. Personally I think it's much like the subject it follows it's pretty good. The set which features the first-ever WWE documentary on the Hardcore Legend complete with comments from his family and friends on the man known as Michael Francis Foley. The two-hour presentation covers his humble beginnings as an athletic kid from Long Island to his rise as one of the most beloved man in the business today. As well as how he transcended the business as an author and other stages following WWE. One part I wasn't expecting, was Foley's own criticism of his returning to the ring over and over again after retirement and whether they were worth the injuries to his body. The other thing that stuck out to me was talk of his relationship with Vince McMahon when he was in announcer for the Smackdown Brand in 2008, citing the problems between the two. I never expected them bringing this up. All in all I think it helps get a picture of what the announcers are put through which I don't think most fans know about. I've watched it three times all the way through and absolutely love it. It's not without its issues, though. While the bulk of the material They took creative liberties with Foley and his importance in WCW as well as the selling factor of Vader versus the man from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. All that said, other than over exaggerations from a few people such as the Miz was a solid effort from all involved. Given the fact that this is actually Mick Foley's third DVD release in WWE history , the match selection is not the greatest hits compilation you would expect. If you want a stronger lineup you may want to look into other releases such as "Mick Foley: Greatest Hits and Misses" or "Hard Knocks, Cheap Pops". This is more of a fond look back at a career with some of the segments and promos some introduced by the WWE Hall of Famer himself and some matches include alternate commentaries from Mick Foley and Joey Styles. Here is the match listing for the DVD/Blu-ray set for those who are wondering: Superstars September 1986 Alternate Commentary: Mick Foley & Joey Styles Cactus Jack / Gary Young vs. Scott Steiner / Billy Travis AWA All Star Wrestling October 1988 Cactus Jack Manson vs. Brickhouse Brown Wild West Wrestling April 1989 Cactus Jack vs. Keith Hart Power Hour March 1990 Submit or Surrender Match Cactus Jack vs. Sting Power Hour November 1991 Falls Count Anywhere Match Cactus Jack vs. Van Hammer Clash of the Champions XVIII 21st January, 1992 Barbed Wire Match Cactus Jack vs. Sandman Ft. Lauderdale, FL May 1995 Cactus Jack vs. Shane Douglas CyberSlam February 1996 Alternate Commentary: Mick Foley & Joey Styles Mankind vs. Rocky Maivia IYH: Cold Day in Hell 11th May, 1997 Mankind vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley IYH: Canadian Stampede 6th July, 1997 DISC 3 Dude Love vs. Rocky Maivia RAW 17th November, 1997 Hell in a Cell Mankind vs. Undertaker King of the Ring 28th June, 1998 Alternate Commentary: Mick Foley & Joey Styles WWE Tag Team Championship Match Mankind / Kane vs. New Age Outlaws RAW 13th July, 1998 WWE Championship Match Mankind vs. The Rock IYH: Rock Bottom 13th December, 1998 WWE Tag Team Championship Mankind / The Rock vs. Triple H / Shane McMahon SmackDown 2nd September, 1999 Mankind vs. Al Snow SmackDown 16th December, 1999 Hell In A Cell €“ Retirement Match Cactus Jack vs. Triple H No Way Out 27th February, 2000 All that said, if you're going to get the set get it on Blu-ray as you get two hours of special features of segments that were cut out of the documentary, which cover how Foley lost his front teeth, his love of all things Christmas, a in-depth look at the three faces of Foley and a college project he shot while training to become a wrestler featuring a very young Foley and Shane Douglas as well as the late great Mark Curtis a.k.a. Brian Hildebrand. This is well worth your money alone. If you're a fan of Foley, there's no question you should pick this up. If you're not it's still a well together documentary that you should definitely seek it out. And I think more importantly this set is an inspiration to those with a dream that if you have passion and are willing to take that leap anything is possible. And I think that's good for all mankind.

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