WWE Hall Of Fame 2018: 16 Craziest Moments

The salmon suit returns.

Jeff Jarrett Edge Christian

The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony has come and gone for another year, and as usual, it was a heartfelt, hilarious, sometimes-embarrassing and always-excessive show that kicked WrestleMania weekend off in sure style.

While this year's class of inductees is generally accepted to be one of the weaker line-ups of recent years, it was still a fun time for fans, giving them a nostalgic blast of old while nodding towards the potential future of the industry.

There were fun callbacks to the past and hilarious anecdotes, as well as tone-deaf name-drops, cringe-worthy segments, and just about everything you expect when you get hundreds of wrestlers together in the same room and ply them with alcohol.

It's clear that the Hall of Fame format could use some re-working - as it has for quite some time now - but as a show that celebrates not only the inductees but also the passion of the fans, it was still a mostly worthwhile - if butt-numbing - sit.

For better and for worse, here are the moments that most left fans agape...


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