WWE Hell In A Cell 2018: 9 Most Likely Outcomes

The road to Hell is paved with bad booking...


With the bright lights of SummerSlam now in the rear-view mirror, WWE is currently on the highway to Hell In A Cell - but it hasn't exactly been a smooth journey. Bizarre creative decisions, frustrating booking and unusual last-minute alterations - almost all of which happened on Raw - certainly haven't helped build excitement for the tired old PPV.

One of the last remaining events from the era of match-themed PPVs, Hell In A Cell already struggles to live up to expectations. The brutal concept just doesn't merge well with the curtailed violence of the PG era and few of the rivalries ever truly feel like they warrant a match of this barbaric nature. So it's even less enticing when the booking is all over the place.

Having said that, there are certain storylines that have shown some promise in recent weeks, and they've set the stage for some potentially show-stealing matches.

With the 10th annual Hell In A Cell PPV almost upon us, let's take a look at some of the events that will likely take place on Sunday night, and delve into why they're destined to happen.


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