WWE Hell In A Cell 2018 *SPOILER*: Huge Change Made To Cage

Things are going to look a little different this Sunday.

Hell In A Cell 2018 Red Cage

No doubt many of you are expecting this Sunday's Hell in a Cell to be same-old, same-old, having long grown weary of the tired concept. Well, think again, because there's a major change in store: the cage is going to be red.

That's right, red.

Now you might reckon some painted meshwork isn't much to get terribly excited about, but you'd be wrong. A video uploaded to WWE's official YouTube channel showed the crimson cage being constructed by a crew of about a million people, and the makeover is striking. Whether it'll make the action harder to follow is another matter, but so long as Kevin Dunn's in the production truck, we'll miss most of the best bits anyway.

Hell in a Cell was first introduced in 1997 for The Undertaker's clash with Shawn Michaels at Badd Blood. Back then, it was a dangerously flimsy structure - as Mick Foley discovered the following June when he crashed through its ceiling. It was later modified to be a lot less bloody stupid - though was increased in height from 16 feet to 20, making any inevitably falls that little more heart-stopping.

Sunday's red paint job is the first time WWE fans have been treated to a colourful cage since the classic blue bar model was retired in the late '90s. It wouldn't be a stretch to say it's the most exciting thing about the show.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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