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Uncertainty surrounds current TNA tag team champion Robert ‘Bobby’ Roode and his future with the company despite being scheduled to compete on tonight’s Lockdown PPV in a three team match.

Roode renewed his deal with TNA in March 2009 amidst rumours that he would be joining WWE. The deal tied him to TNA for 5 years which would suggest he’s still under contract until March 2014 however it is understood that his deal had an ‘option’ towards the end that allowed either side to end the agreement early. If Roode’s contact has such an option then it could now have come to an end.

Given Roode’s past loyalty to impact Wrestling and Dixie Carter it would be surprising if he were to leave without ‘doing the job’ and dropping the tag team titles but some are suggesting he’s a no show at the venue for the PPV which throws out a tag title defence and instead guarantees new champions at Lockdown.

Roode apparently no showed the Lockdown fan interaction and has been absent from TNA television for the last few weeks. Although all signs are pointing to him being done this is the same company that told the world Devon had left only for him to be revealed as a member of the Aces & 8s faction. As we get ever closer to finding out who the top guy in Aces & 8s really is this could all just be a huge swerve.

For now though TNA is still advertising a title defence so until the PPV actually happens we probably won’t know the truth.

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This article was first posted on March 10, 2013