WWE Legend Jerry Lawler Reveals He Suffered A Stroke Last Month

Major health scare for commentary icon.

Jerry Lawler

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler has publicly revealed that he suffered a stroke last month.

Speaking on the latest episode of his Dinner With The King podcast, the legendary WWE commentator told co-host Glenn Moore that he was taken to the emergency room on 21 March after falling ill at home. Doctors then discovered a haemorrhage to his brain, for which he placed into an intensive care unit and closely monitored over the next few days.

Despite temporarily losing the ability to speak, Lawler was discharged from hospital by the following Saturday, and cleared fit to head down to New Orleans for his scheduled appearance at WrestleMania 34. At the show, he featured on commentary during the pre-show Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

The 68-year-old survived another serious health scare back in September 2012, when he suffered a heart attack while calling a match alongside Michael Cole on an episode of Monday Night Raw. After a full recovery, he returned to his seat at the announce desk before stepping into a part-time role a couple of years later.

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