WWE Money in the Bank: Whatever Happened To The Winners?

WhatCulture! examines the history of the event and what happened to the winners.

Matt Aspin


Winning the Money in the Bank briefcase is almost as prestigious as wearing one of the many title belts in WWE at the moment. It is almost a sure thing that the winner will become World Champion at some point and it has done wonders for the careers of many top stars. But what about the others? Has the title Mr Money in the Bank always brought good luck and fortune?

WhatCulture! examines the history of the event and what happened to the winners.


2005, Wrestlemania 21 – Chris Jericho Vs Christian Vs Chris Benoit Vs Edge Vs Shelton Benjamin Vs Kane

The first ever Money in the Bank was held at Wrestlemania 21 and featured many of the WWE’s most exciting talents at the time. The eventual winner was Edge who cashed in the briefcase at the January 2006 News Year’s Revolution PPV. We don’t need to remind you of the many successes of the Rated-R Superstar over the years up to and including his retirement last year. It’s safe to say though that becoming the first ever Mr Money in the Bank changed Edge’s career forever and without a doubt for the better.


2006, Wrestlemania 22 – RVD Vs Bobby Lashley Vs Shelton Benjamin Vs Matt Hardy Vs Finlay Vs Ric Flair

Money in the Bank 2 seemed to be a setup to push the boring and overrated Bobby Lashley into the World title picture. The inclusion of Ric Flair seemed strange, but he managed to hold his own with the much younger, less injury prone competitors. Surprisingly Lashley did not get the win, but instead it was Rob Van Dam who stole the briefcase and the World title match. RVD’s success in WWE speaks for itself. He was always the guy on the edge of the main event. He could hold his own against anyone but never seemed to get that final push to make him champion.

When WWE finally gave him the opportunity he took it with both hands and won the gold from John Cena. Unfortunately for Rob, he was causght driving under the influence soon after and was suspended, cutting short his reign. Things went downhill for him after that and he would leave the company shortly after. RVD can still be found on television giving half arsed performances under the TNA Impact Wrestling banner. A return to WWE surely has to happen one day.