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There has been increasing speculation over the last week about John Cena’s role at Wrestlemania 30. The latest report from PWInsider.com is linking Cena with a Hulk Hogan collaboration against “The Real Americans” Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger. That news suggest the Hogan deal is all but done as creative get to work on ideas for Cena and the Hulkster. Hogan could very well be returning as the main event of “Old School Raw” on January 6th.

The ideas for Cena have so far been focused on one on one matches. Hogan is badly hurt from years of wear and tear, so it’s more likely that he will feature as Cena’s corner man. One singles match pitched for Cena has been versus Bray Wyatt. Personally, I hope that is not the case – Cena vs Wyatt is hardly a marquee match.

The tag match that has been discussed of Hogan and Cena vs Cesaro and Swagger is another underwhelming match. The jobbers would clearly be squashed and Hogan would barely enter the ring. The craziest take on this story is that Roddy Piper will somehow be involved. While it wouldn’t be surprising for WWE to go down that route, you have to hope they have bigger ideas in store. Reports claim that WWE may look to have Piper team with a current heel against Cena and Hogan, or Piper would be a face teaming with Hogan against Cesaro and Swagger. There is even a suggestion that WWE may straight up promote a legends match of Hogan vs Piper.

It seems as if John Cena may well be lumbered with a less than thrilling match at the big event. Much like Mania 27 against The Miz, it’s hard to envision how fans can get excited for Cena against a lower talent. The Hogan collaboration makes sense but may come across as an angle more than a match. A more exciting prospect would be Cena vs Undertaker, but the Deadman will be busy with Brock Lesnar at Mania 30. Perhaps that bout will take place place at Wrestlemania 31 or Mania 32 from Taker’s home state.

Regardless of who Cena is booked against, he is expected to be the show closing main event of Wrestlemania 30 per the order of Vince McMahon.

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This article was first posted on January 2, 2014