WWE NXT & Main Event Review: Has The Authority Figure Infected The Sanctity?

WWE-NXT-Logo Since The Authority has made themselves known in WWE over the last few months, many have found the product hard to watch. For a while there was solace in the development of NXT as a micro-universe inside the overall WWE corporate struct. But more and more, there seems to be crossover in the last few weeks. With the mention of Xavier Woods and the addition of JBL as the interim general manager of the show, no place is safe from the Authority. Let's talk about it, beginning with this week's Main Event. Main Event comes to you from Birmingham, Alabama this week. The Miz and Josh Matthews are on commentary for this episode. Matthews with his shoulder in a sling is selling the attack by all Alberto del Rio last Friday on Smackdown. Apparently he didn't care of the unsafe work environment that he complained about after the incident. Oh well I guess he did what was best for business. We begin the action with the announced match between Seth Rollins and current WWE tag team champion Goldust. Each man is flanked by their tag partners at ringside. Reigns can be heard screaming words of encouragement all throughout the match to Rollins. For some reason this brought a different five to the match. The in ring work was a little disappointing. It never really seemed to get into good gear. It was very slow and never really seemed to get off the ground. The biggest thing in this match was that crazy bump Seth Rollins took to the outside following a backdrop. This leads to things breaking down between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns giving a distraction to Goldust and Seth Rollins picking up the victory. Maybe my expectations were set a little too high, but Dustin Rhodes has been awesome in his role coming back. We see the Miz playing with a John Cena brawling buddy reliving his glory days of Wrestlemania 27 when he actually mattered to WWE brass. Then they throw to the John Cena video package they showed on Raw. They come back to action and we see the Primetime Players, who have been relegated to the WWE App, battled The Real Americans in tag team action. Remember when the PTP we getting a push? Instead, Titus taps out following the Patriot Lock and a big swing after a little bit of back-and-forth. WWE apparently is cracking the bullwhip get Jack and Antonio ready for the Los Matadores Sunday. Raw Rebound shows the situation with Big Show and Daniel Bryan. And we hear that Triple H will be interviewed by Michael Cole on Smackdown this Friday. We get divas action as Naomi and Cameron get the victory over Aksana and Alicia Fox. Not a great match. Josh Matthews loves talking about the divas hair knowing the colors. And they close at the night with Dolph Ziggler not putting up much of a fight against Damien Sandow using a Silencer. There are rumors that WWE is not happy with the Show Off due to his ego and how he carried himself. I think that's a little disingenuous as you want your talent to act like a star, but God for bid they show it backstage. I don't understand what they're doing with Dolph. But at least he's getting a paycheck. Moving on NXT, we begin with women's action as Emma battles "The Boss" Sasha Banks alongside BFF Summer Rae.
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