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So this week’s RAW had a theme: Old School. These types of nostalgic shows are fun, if, and only if, they are done on a limited basis and not too often. In the past year, we have now had a total of 3; what with the 1000th Episode of RAW and RAW XX. So while we were skeptical that this week would bleed the proverbial well dry, what we got instead was a mixed bag of stuff and not such a bad overall show.

Here are 5 things we learned from this week’s WWE RAW:


5. The Phenom Will Compete at Wrestlemania

RAW’s opening segment this week featured the return of The Undertaker. As the show began, The Phenom emerged from underneath the TitanTron and kicked off the broadcast, illuminating the display to show the Wrestlemania logo and having it appear directly above him. Enough said and point well made: The Undertaker has returned and he is going to Wrestlemania.


4. John Cena and The Rock Get Personal

The first face to face promo segment for Cena and The Rock Part Deux took place this week, and it was actually quite captivating. You can really see both men trying to move beyond all the schtick that comprised last year’s build to their match, and make it about something more this year. For Cena, it means defeating The Great One; Rocky is the one hurdle that Cena has yet to cross and overcome in his career. And for The Rock, it’s about proving to himself that he still has what it takes to remain champion, and proving that he can still go toe to toe against the best in the business today. They are off to a great start for this second meeting.

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This article was first posted on March 5, 2013