WWE Payback 2017: 20 Best Internet Reactions To Braun Strowman's Win

So, about that House Of Horrors match...

Payback Reigns Ending

Well, that was... something, wasn't it?

When the dust settles on the Hardy Compound segment... Sorry, the House Of Horrors match... at WWE Payback 2017, there's a fairly good chance it will be remember as one of the worst gimmick matches to ever grace the product. It was derivative, it was poorly presented and it was rightly booed - though not as much as Roman Reigns, which is probably a small positive for the creatives behind it.

Aside from that and some odd decisions around the Roman Reigns/Braun Strowman match that attempted to put Reigns over by killing him temporarily, it really wasn't a bad PPV. It was probably one of the better offerings of 2017 so far anyway and for it to come at a time when the product traditionally struggles with the post 'Mania funk, that's probably more of an achievement than the company would care to acknowledge.

It just about gets a positive grade (though that's a very close run thing that might look silly as distance makes the HOH match look even worse), but we can all take something from the fact that it wasn't called Great Balls Of Fire at least.

So how did the Internet fans see the PPV, and what was the shape of the general reaction to Payback?

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