WWE Promote 'New Day Vs. Kenny Omega' For E3

Technically, this is true.

Xavier Woods Kenny Omega
WWE/Scott Finkelstein

WWE, breaking with tradition to appear like some sort of hip wrestling uncle totally down with today's kids, have surprisingly referred to both Kenny Omega and New Japan Pro Wrestling on their official website, as the new IWGP Heavyweight Champion prepares to square off with Xavier Woods in a Street Fighter battle at this week's E3.

A brief news post revealed that Woods has selected his New Day partners to make up his team for the 3 vs. 3 showdown, scheduled for the annual video games convention currently taking place in LA. The Cleaner has yet to name his ringers, though we wouldn't be surprised if it's a couple of super-kicking current tag champs.

In the wake of NJPW's Dominion making global headlines thanks to Omega's sensational, surely star-rating busting bout with Kazuchika Okada, it's understandable the company would want to piggybank off Omega's currency, though it's a move completely out of keeping with their usual Worker's Party mentality. The bulletin even used Omega's nickname, rival branding be damned. Truly, these are the end of days.

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