WWE Promotes Matt Bloom To Head Coach At NXT

Also Sara Amato is an Assistant Coach.

WWE has had an interesting year in terms of their developmental territory known as NXT. While it has taken off as a third brand for WWE that is more popular than ever, there were issues with their coaching staff. Former head coach Bill DeMott resigned in March after allegations of him being too hard on several trainees over the years. With DeMott out of the picture, former WWE superstar Matt Bloom (stage name Albert or Tensai) filled in as the interim head coach for WWE's developmental statement. Today, WWE issued a press release and Triple H also did a conference call to announce that they would remove the interim tag and that Bloom would be the full time head trainer for NXT. Bloom retired in 2014 as a wrestler, became a trainer and also tried commentary for a bit too. Obviously he's found a home as a trainer if he was promoted to head coach so quickly. Another piece of interesting news in the press release is that Sara Amato, who wrestled outside of WWE as Sara Del Rey, will be an assistant coach. When she signed with WWE in 2012 there was a lot of excitement because she was one of the best women's wrestlers in the indies throughout the 2000s. However, WWE didn't want to use her in the ring. She was hired to be a coach. Since she has been there, the divas of NXT have been a highlight of that brand. In addition to her role at the Performance Center, Amato also works as a road agent with the main roster. Here is Triple H's statement on his new top coaches: €œI have the utmost confidence in Matt and Sara€™s ability to train and lead the next generation of Superstars and Divas at the WWE Performance Center. With each having more than 15 years of experience in the business, Matt and Sara will continue to be invaluable resources to our developmental system. The trust and respect that they have gained throughout the years by both our talent and training staff puts NXT in a great position for future success.€ WWE has other trainers at the developmental level such as Billy Gunn, Terry Taylor, Norman Smiley, Robbie Brookside, William Regal and others. It's nice to see everything is going well for WWE's developmental system. They were smart to issue a press release and for Triple H to address it in the conference all because DeMott being forced to resign due to allegations of being too hard on talent was a bad sign. Now they seem to seem to be on the right track. No reports of any bad behavior by trainers either. Congrats to Bloom and Amato on their promotion.
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