WWE Quiz: Eddie Guerrero - How Much Do You Remember About Latino Heat?

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Eddie Guerrero is a legendary figure in the wrestling business.

Beginning wrestling at a young age, he worked for the likes of AAA, ECW & NJPW before making a real name for himself in WCW. However, his move to the WWF in 2000 was the catalyst for him becoming the icon he's still known as today.

Arriving as a member of The Radicalz, he quickly established himself as a singles performer, winning championships and garnering attention due to his relationship with Chyna. After some time away due to his well documented personal issues, Guerrero returned to win the tag team championships with his nephew Chavo as part of Los Guerreros.

Eddie's crowning glory was unquestionably his WWE Championship win at No Way Out against Brock Lesnar, and subsequent defence at WrestleMania XX. This redemption story won the hearts of WWE fans, and solidified his legacy before his death stunned the wrestling world in late 2005.

Just how much do you remember about Latino Heat? How old was he when he had his first wrestling match? What type of match did he lose the WWE Championship to JBL in? What title did he win by 'accidentally' pinning Chyna?!

Can you lie, cheat & steal your way to getting 10/10? Test yourself against our quiz and find out...

Answers at the end!

1. How Old Was Eddie When He Had His First Wrestling Match?


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