WWE Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Bayley?

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Bayley is one of the last bonafide babyfaces in wrestling today. You can't have a gimmick that involves hugs, infamous child fans and wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men and not to be honest.

After a fantastic start to her career in NXT as part of the Four Horsewomen, it's somewhat stalled since her transition to the main roster. She's gone from being NXT Women's Champion & having matches of the year, to WWE botching her feud with Sasha Banks so badly they had to reset it & being in one of the worst segments in RAW history.

2018 is a prime example of this. Having been RAW Women's Champion in 2017, this year she's been involved in the continuation of the Women's Revolution but done nothing of note. Here's hoping 2019 will see a change in Bayley's fortunes.

Nevertheless, just how much do you know about the Huggable One? Who did she beat to become RAW Women's Champion? What did Dusty Rhodes tell her NEVER to do? What is her weird guilty pleasure?!

Test yourself against our quiz and find out...

Answers at the end!

1. Which Wrestler DOESN'T Bayley List As An Influence?


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