WWE Quiz: How Well Do You ACTUALLY Remember The Invasion?

It's winner take all!


The Invasion is, without question, the single biggest missed opportunity in WWE's history.

The story of WWF vs. WCW seemed so simple...and yet they managed to royally screw it up.

Instead of dream matches like Stone Cold Steve Austin versus Goldberg or the ultimate showdown between The Undertaker and Sting, we had to make do with WCW mid-carders like Chris Kanyon and Shawn Stasiak instead.

The McMahons made it all about them (of course) by not only having Shane McMahon as the owner of WCW, but announcing that ECW's new head honcho was Stephanie McMahon.

WWF muddied the waters further by having some of their biggest stars switch sides because in Vince McMahon's eyes, none of the WCW guys could possibly hang with his superstars!

This whole mess culminated in a five-on-five elimination match at 2001's Survivor Series (which featured only two non-WWF wrestlers), the conclusion of which featured The Rock, Stone Cold and a run-in from Kurt Angle.

As bad as this storyline was, it's an infamous period in wrestling history, but just how well do you remember what went down? Test yourself against our quiz and find out...

1. Who Was The First WCW Wrestler To Appear On WWF Programming?


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