WWE Quiz: Shane McMahon - How Much Do You Know About The Best Wrestler In The World?

Here comes the QUIZ!


Shane McMahon is the inaugural winner of WWE's World Cup and therefore the best wrestler in the world. FACT.

It's fair to say that the bosses son has had a varied WWE career. He started out as referee Shane Stevens, before becoming a recurring part in Vince's feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Following that he became a member of The Corporation, European Champion, and established The Corporate Ministry.

Feuds with Test & D-Generation X and an allegiance with Big Show came after that, before his unforgettable fall at SummerSlam in a match against Steve Blackman.

Shane returned to take on Vince at WrestleMania X-Seven, subsequent to which he played a huge role in The Invasion storyline.

2003 saw Shane defending his family's honour against Kane, whilst in 2006 Shane aided his father against Shawn Michaels and a reunited DX.

A crowd-popping return in 2016 led to Shane becoming Commissioner of SmackDown LIVE, with the occasional match against AJ Styles or Kevin Owens thrown in for good measure.

Nevertheless, his most memorable moment will be when he replaced The Miz in the final of WWE's World Cup at Crown Jewel, and defeated Dolph Ziggler to be crowned the best wrestler in the world.

Despite all this, how much do you know about Shane-O Mac? Can you remember who he wrestled his first match against? At which pay-per-view was he thrown through glass by Kurt Angle? Just how far did Shane fall at SummerSlam 2000?!

Test yourself against our quiz and find out...

Answers at the end!

1. At What PPV Did Shane First Referee At?


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