WWE Quiz: Who Has The Longest Single Reign For Every Current WWE Championship?

It's not about what you do with it, it's about how long you can do it... right?


Championships are the most common yardstick used for analysing the success of a wrestler's career.

A career with no titles is like a goalless draw in football. Yeah, you didn't lose the match, but the result could have been much better.

Racking up title reigns is one thing (Raven's 27 Hardcore Title reigns comes to mind) but it's the length of time that you hold them that paints a much clearer picture.

Just because Sheamus held the WWE Championship three times, does that make him greater than Bruno Sammartino who had just two reigns?

No. Definitely not, get out of here.

Some wrestlers have long reigns because of fortuitous timing, injuries, backstage connections or, just sometimes, because they're genuinely the best wrestler at the time.

These questions all cover the longest single reign in a championship's history, not a wrestler's accumulation of reigns with that belt.

Answers at the end!

1. NXT Tag Team Championship


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