WWE Raw: 10 Things You Might Have Missed (Oct 9)

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Enzo Amore is Daniel Bryan.

The 'Smacktalker Skywalker' may not possess the in-ring skill or the independent pedigree of the former WWE Champion, but he has used the talents he does have to rise above petty punishments and cynical bullying to earn himself a plum spot on two live shows a week mostly doing what he does best, with some occasional wrestling thrown in for good measure.

This being WWE in 2017, the snake has eaten itself. In an organisation sometimes so out of touch with their audience that they can't effectively even bury a talent let alone push one, repeated attempts to shovel dirt on the career of the New Jersey nuisance has ensured he failed upwards, winning the Cruiserweight Title on (verbal) merit, justifying the division's spot in the minds of the entire fanbase.

Neville is probably the company's best all-rounder this year, but even he failed to lift perception of the entire league during his superlative stewardship. Enzo managed it in a fortnight. The manner in which WWE tried yet again to undercut his momentum in Raw's finale was a new low. Corey Graves played company hitman, eviscerating a fellow heel with the type of brutality that presumably had broadcast journalist Bobby Heenan rolling in his grave.

The hatchet job that made up the entirety of this week's segment was unforgivable and thus, completely unmissable. For those that still like some nuance in their pro wrestling, not everything was quite so obnoxiously blatant.


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