The final push towards the Elimination Chamber PPV is now under way. With the final RAW broadcast prior to the upcoming PPV show now complete, we here at What Culture take a look at 5 things we learned from the final Monday Night RAW as we head to Sunday’s big event, which is the final PPV before Wrestlemania.


5. CM Punk and Paul Heyman Keep It Together

Two weeks ago we would have guessed Heyman and Punk would be on the outs by this point, with all the talk of Heyman employing The Shield and so on. Last night CM Punk surprised us all when he kept Heyman from leaving the WWE. Most of what Heyman and Punk said during their opening promo segment has roots in our real world, with Heyman mentoring Punk and helping him achieve this success even before they were on TV together in recent months.

Last night’s in-ring promo was a fantastic and compelling segment that now leads to more intrigue as we head to Elimination Chamber and how Heyman will affect the outcome of the rematch with The Rock. With Brock Lesnar sitting this PPV out, there’s now a little more time for this storyline between mentor and protege to build towards it’s ultimate finality where both men will likely go their separate ways enroute to Wrestlemania.


4. Mark Henry Continues to Smash

Much like Marvel’s The Hulk, Mark Henry last night continued his rampage towards this weekend’s PPV. We were surprised by the fact that he was so quickly added to the Chamber match itself, but it makes actual sense as he was World Champion just prior to his leave of absence due to injury. On RAW this week, he not only crushed Hornswoggle post-match, but he made The Great Khali look like he weighed next to nothing, as he picked Khali up with obvious ease and supplanted him into the mat. His addition to the Chamber match itself makes this contest for the World Heavyweight Championship a bit more intriguing.

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This article was first posted on February 12, 2013