We are less than two weeks away…TWO…WEEKS…AWAY…from Wrestlemania 29: The Showcase of The Immortals and The GrandDaddy of Them All.

Let’s take a look at 5 things we’ve learned this week as we turn the proverbial corner and head towards the home stretch!


5. The Phenom Surprises Us All

In a hot start to this week’s RAW program, we kicked it off with an in-ring promo from CM Punk accompanied by the “I-continue-to-do-some-of-the-best-work-of-my-career” Paul Heyman who was (awesomely!) carrying The Undertaker’s Urn. After allowing Punk to get his point across, verbally taunting Taker and surely prodding him into a fury……the lights went out. And when the lights came up, The Phenom unleashed hell from inside the ring, sans his grand entrance, sending Punk fleeing for his life.

As a result, their encounter at ‘Mania has had it’s ante upped, but their ultimate confrontation had better deliver. This feud has felt rushed with an over-importance placed on The Urn, and it’s been hastily executed thus far; they still have some ground to cover in order to fully set up their match and deliver a great payoff on April 7th. One could still argue this entire feud could have been better served if approached as The Phenom returning to prove wrong The Best in the World instead of languishing in the shadow of the deceased Paul Bearer.

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This article was first posted on March 26, 2013