WWE Raw Results 11/6/12 – Big Show Knocks Out Vince McMahon

Last night’s WWE RAW SuperShow from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut.

Matt Holmes


Last night’s WWE RAW SuperShow from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut.

John Laurinaitis comes down to start the bumper packed three-hour RAW show and is about to introduce himself when Vince McMahon’s No Chance music plays and he gets a big pop from the crowd.

Vince gets in the ring and says he won’t shake Johnny’s hand because he doesn’t know where he has been. He wants to get right to the job evaluation and he asks Laurinaitis why he should be spared from being fired. Laurinaitis says two words – people power. He says he fumbles his words but he listens to people and he empowers them and they love him for it.

Vince asks the fans if they love Laurinaitis and the response isn’t good. A “fire Johnny” chant breaks out in the crowd as he attempts to suck up to Vince. Johnny claims he and Mr. McMahon have a lot in common, they are both astute businessman. Vince brings up the Brock Lesnar situation and Laurinaitis blames it on Triple H. Vince brings up Big Show’s new contract with a big bonus, saying he was a horrible investment in 1999 but Laurinaitis says he is the new Big Show.

Laurinaitis goes on and Vince continues to insult when Sheamus’ music hits and the World Heavyweight Champion comes down to the ring. The Celtic Warrior says he felt it was his duty to come out. He says Laurinaitis was right, he’s a friend, such a good friend that he will fine you half-a-million dollars and hold personal vendettas because you bump into him. McMahon informs us that “Fire Johnny” is trending worldwide on Twitter which brings a huge pop from the crowd.

Sheamus says Laurinaitis is the worst General Manager in WWE history. Sheamus asks Vince to kick Laurinaitis out on his ass… but Johnny Ace says Sheamus does not speak for the whole locker room. Laurinaitis is going to find an opponent that will make him sorry he said that. Vince interrupts and says he better find a good opponent because every match tonight needs to be impressive because if not, at the end of the night, Laurinaitis will hear the words” YOU’RE FIRED”.

Laurinaitis leaves the ring as No Chance plays whilst Vince takes a seat on Laurinaitis’ scooter and rides up to the ramp to a great pop from the crowd.


1) World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated Tensai with the Brogue Kick for the pinfall.

McMahon is backstage with Teddy Long and Johnny Ace. Vince says that was strike one against Ace for tonight and tells him he still needs to find a new opponent for Sheamus’ World Title at WWE No Way Out because of the concussion suffered by Alberto Del Rio. Vickie Guerrero walks in and suggests Dolph Ziggler vs Jack Swagger vs Sheamus for the pay-per-view. Laurinaitis has a better idea but wants to know what Teddy thinks. Teddy suggests a four-way match between Ziggler, Swagger, The Great Khali and Christian to determine the number 1 contender.

CM Punk comes out to the ring and says AJ is pretty cool gal and way out of Daniel Bryan’s league in and out of the ring. He calls her crazy and that he digs crazy chicks. Punk says regardless at to whether he has to beat Bryan or Kane he is walking out of No Way Out as the WWE Champion. Bryan says he used to be a fan of Punk but things have changed and he now thinks he is the biggest sellout in the company’s history. He spoke his mind last year but not one thing has changed a bit. Punk retaliates at says he achieved his success on his own terms but can’t say for the same for Bryan. Punk runs down and Bryan calls him names until Kane’s music hits.

The Big Red Monster talks about some of the crazy things he’s pulled over the years. His pipebombs were actual pipebombs and that’s why he will leave No Way Out with the WWE Title.

AJ comes down wearing a CM Punk t-shirt and tells them to stop arguing. She says she looked into Kane’s eyes last week and noticed that he had a heart. She admits she hasn’t yet gotten over Bryan, her first true love but then looks over at Punk and smiles. She says he is the coolest guy she has ever known in his life. She knows the best man will win on Sunday. Laurinaitis then appears on the big screen and makes a match for tonight. Bryan & Kane vs Punk & AJ… to which AJ looks extremely worried and she talks it over with her new tag team partner!


2) Dolph Ziggler defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian, The Great Khali & Jack Swagger in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match to become the number one contender for a shot at Sheamus’ title at WWE No Way Out.

Khali was eliminated first by Christian when he hit the frogsplash on all three men from the top rope and pinned the giant.

Swagger was next to go when Christian hit the Killswitch but Zigger ran over to steal the pinfall.

After some back and forth and near falls, Ziggler hits the Zig Zag on Christian to become the #1 contender to face Sheamus at No Way Out.

Ziggler walks up the ramp after his win and say it’s about time. He turns around to Sheamus and raises the World Title in Dolph’s face.


Natalya is backstage with Vince McMahon. She is talking about how important Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon at WrestleMania was to the Hart family. She was the whole family unit to be put back together again. Vince promises he will talk more with her later as he walks off and bumps into Cameron and Naomi dancing.

They want Vince to undo Ace’s ban on Brodus Clay from being on RAW. Vince asks somebody to call his momma and he starts dancing with the Funkettes as the music hits. He then turns around and runs into Zack Ryder who looks shocked. Vince says “Woo, Woo, Woo you know it” and walks off.


3) Ryback defeated Willard Filmore & Rutherford “PS Hayes” in the usual segment with the crowd once again chanting for Goldberg as Ryback hit the double Samoan drop for the victory.

Vince McMahon is backstage with Hornswoggle. Vince does a Jim Ross impersonation when John Cena walks up to a very mixed reaction from the crowd. Cena says he wants Vince to fire Laurinaitis tonight when David Otunga walks in and attempts to change Vince’s mind about lawyers. Vince doesn’t like Otunga sucking up and nobody ever respects a man who would kiss another man’s behind. Vince then looks over and sees William Regal there looking around. Vince says no disrespect…

David Otunga vs Brodus Clay is announced for the WWE No Way Out pre-show on YouTube this Sunday.


4) Big Show defeated one-half of WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston in a Steel Cage match after hitting the knockout punch and stepping out onto the mat.


5) Sin Cara defeated Curt Hawkins when he hit his finisher for the pinfall.

Daniel Bryan is backstage warming up to Vince who walks in and wishes him luck. Bryan is surprised as he didn’t think Vince would like someone like him. Vince says if Bryan was walking down the street with groceries, he wouldn’t be mistaken to be a WWE Superstar. Bryan cuts Vince off and says he has been fired before and proved Vince wrong. Vince goes on and leaves Bryan to mull it over.

Locker room is shown for a mystery man from RAW’s past who has been brought in by John Laurinaitis in honor of the upcoming 1,000th episode of RAW.


It’s Vader time… Vader returns to a huge pop from the crowd.

6) Vader defeated Heath Slater with the Vader Bomb for the pinfall.


AJ Lee is backstage and is freaking out about tonight’s main event. CM Punk walks up and attempts to calm her down. He tells her to stay on the apron and don’t do anything crazy and she’ll be just fine. AJ kisses Punk on the cheek. The match is next…


7) WWE Champion CM Punk & AJ Lee defeated Kane & Daniel Bryan when Punk hit the top rope elbow drop on Bryan for the pinfall.

The big moment came when AJ somehow got tagged in by Punk when he was dumped onto the outside leaving AJ and Kane in the middle of the ring. She smiled at him and started skipping around in a circle before she jumped onto Kane and wrapped her legs around him, giving him a big kiss. Kane stops it and just stares at her as she continues to smile at him. He tagged in Bryan that led to the finish.

Kane looks on from the stage as AJ smiles at Punk and Punk just looks confused as AJ sits down in the ring and smiles.


Vince McMahon comes down next with security guards for the final segment of the night. He talks about his love for Hartford and the state of Connecticut. He calls out Johnny Ace to the ring and out he comes with his crutch. Laurinaitas says he doesn’t appreciate what happened to his scooter earlier. He says Vince doesn’t need the security because he would never think about hitting Vince, to which responds that the security is here to protect Laurinaitis.

Laurinaitis tells Vince not to make a decision he will regret. He claims WWE has improved since he has been around and he wants to continue his mission for people power. Vince goes to fire John Laurinaitis when Big Show’s music hits.

Show comes out defending Laurinaitis and talks about his iron-clad contract. Show says he did anything Vince wanted over the years but that he is no longer the entertainer Vince wanted him to be. Now he is the Giant he was born to be. Show says Vince should be worried about what is going to happen to John Cena at No Way Out. Cena’s music hits and out he comes.

Cena cuts a promo on Laurinaitis and No Way Out. Vince says he will be sitting at ringside on Sunday with Laurinaitis watching the main event. He warns that if Big Show is the disappointment that everybody thinks he is then he will fire Laurinaitis on the spot. Show grabs Cena by the neck and security comes in but Show tosses them all off.

Chaos ensues and Vince gets knocked down by a WMD punch from Show that was meant for Cena and everyone is shocked as RAW goes off the air.