WWE Raw Results 29/10/12 – Team Punk vs Team Foley Announced For Survivor Series

Last night’s WWE RAW results from the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina. Michael Cole and Jim Ross…

Matt Holmes


Last night’s WWE RAW results from the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina. Michael Cole and Jim Ross are on commentary.

WWE Champion CM Punk kicks off the show with Paul Heyman. He cuts a promo on Ryback and says he proved everyone wrong who thought Ryback was unbeatable. He brings up the referee and says he had nothing to do with it but he was wise to take advantage of the situation. He names the referee as Brad Maddox and he blames AJ Lee for hiring him in the first place. Punk says he is the best in the world and that there won’t be a rematch. Mick Foley’s music then hits and out comes the Hardcore Legend.

Punk says Foley is a homeless man who has been displaced by the storms in the North East. Foley says he is real classy for making jokes about a serious situation like that. Foley says he is not out to embarrass Punk as the WWE Champion did that to himself last night but he says he gave Punk a choice a month ago – to be a WWE Legend or a statistic. Last night Punk blew it. Punk retorts by proposing a traditional Survivor Series elimination match – Team Foley vs Team Punk.

Foley accepts the challenge. Ryback’s music hits and it is teased he is Foley’s first pick but instead he is out for a match next, as Punk and Heyman flee out of the way;


1) Ryback defeated JTG with the Shell Shocked in a quick squash match.

Josh Matthews interviews Ryback after the match and asks him if he has an appetite for revenge after last night. Ryback says revenge is an admission of pain and he is hungry to deliver it. When he feasts again it will be on Punk. The crowd start chanting “Feed Me Punk”.


2) Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett with the RKO.


AJ Lee and Vickie Guerrero have a backstage segment. AJ says she didn’t have an affair with John Cena. Vickie says the Board of Directors has asked her to consider hiring AJ Leee back as a WWE Diva. Vickie says she needs to determine if AJ is eligible. AJ says she does want to be a performer again but Vickie says she wants one good reason why AJ should be given a contract as the segment ends.


3) WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Kane defeated The Prime Time Players in a non-title match when Bryan tagged himself in and put Young in the NO Lock.

Kane makes the ring explode as they argue after the match.


Vickie Guerrero is in the ring and she says she is here to reassure everyone that they are entering a new era on RAW. She calls out Cena to the ring as she prepares to showcase her evidence on the AJ Lee affair.

Cena says the only reason he is out here tonight is to clear everything up. Vickie shows her evidence… Cena asking AJ out on a date, Cena consoling AJ after she was fired as General Manager and a still photo of the two having dinner somewhere. Cena has answers for all these but then Vickie shows footage of Cena and Vickie at a hotel elevator when AJ entered and rode up with Cena. Now Cena starts to look guilty as a “you are busted” chant breaks out in the crowd.

Cena tries to explain and says he knows how it must look but it was just two people in an elevator. They both walked to their doors separately and that was that. Vickie suggests AJ let Cena into her hotel room and more happened. Vickie says it is a good thing she’s in charge and starts calling AJ names. Cena cuts Vickie off and stands up for AJ when Dolph Ziggler comes out.

Ziggler says everyone has seen enough and it’s obvious what Cena is. Cena grabs Ziggler’s collar and gets in his face. Cena tells Ziggler to never mention AJ’s name in a sentence again as he shoves Dolph to the ground.


4) WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston defeated WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro by DQ in a non-title match when Miz (who was on commentary) interfered.
After the match, Miz & Cesaro double team on Kofi before R-Truth makes the save. The segment ends with Cesaro and Miz standing off Kofi and R-Truth.

Vickie Guerrero is backstage with AJ and tells her that she will be placed back on the roster if she admits she cares about John Cena. AJ says WWE means everything to her but Vickie is not worth lying for or hurting John to get her job back. AJ walks off but Vickie calls her back and says she has hired AJ to the roster anyway but if she ever lays a hand on her again, she’s done. Vickie welcomes her back and says her first match will be against Beth Phoenix.

Sitdown interview with 3MB.
5) Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal defeated Zack Ryder and Santino Marella when Slater hit his finisher on Santino who had just hit an interfering Drew McIntyre with his Cobra.


The announcement is made that Jerry “The King” Lawler will return to the commentary booth in two weeks time.

6) AJ Lee defeated Beth Phoenix when AJ hit the roll-up out of nowhere.
Vickie Guerrero demands the match be restarted and Beth then wins the Glam Slam.
Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus comes out to the ring and calls Big Show the better man for beating him last night. This brings The Big Show out who is all smiles with his new belt. He says he did exactly what he said he was going to do at Hell in a Cell. He cuts a promo on how great he is before Sheamus scoops up Show for the White Noise and gets a pop from the crowd as he stares down at Show.

After the break, Cena is backstage with AJ. He hugs her and tells AJ to keep her chin up. Vickie is shown watching behind a curtain when she bumps into Beth Phoenix. Beth thanks Guerrero for restarting the match. Vickie says if Beth would have done her job in the first place, she wouldn’t have needed too. Beth is then fired by Vickie.
7) Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow defeated Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara when Sandow hit “The End” on Cara for the victory.
8) Alberto Del Rio defeated Justin Gabriel with the Armbreaker submission.
CM Punk comes out to the ring with Paul Heyman to reveal his Survivor Series team. The Miz, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow and Alberto Del Rio. Punk says Survivor Series will be a celebration of him holding the WWE Title for one year.
Foley announces his team… Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Randy Orton and Ryback. Foley reveals he won’t be in the match himself.
Ryback hits the ring and stares at Punk before a brawl breaks out between the two teams. Finally, Ryback is left standing in the ring dominant as the “Feed Me More” chants break out.