WWE Raw Results 3/12/12 - CM Punk Takes Lie Detector Test

Last night's WWE RAW results from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina. Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler are on commentary. 1) WWE Tag Team Champions Kane & Daniel Bryan defeated The Prime Time Players in a non-title match when Bryan reversed a pinfall on Darren Young. After the bell, Darren Ambrose and Roman Reigns attack Kane on the floor and when Daniel Bryan attempts to make the save, Rollins enters the ring and stops him. The beat down continues as the fans chant for Ryback as The Shield lay out Bryan with the three-man power bomb and leave the ring through the crowd. 2) AJ Lee defeated Tamina Snuka when she rolls her-up out of nowhere for the win. WWE Champion CM Punk comes out to the ring with Paul Heyman. Heyman has a copy of the new WWE Encyclopedia and they complain that there isn't enough content about the WWE Champion included. Heyman says that Punk will surpass John Cena on the list of longest running WWE Champions this week. Heyman says Punk should be front and centre of the WWE, the company's Mt. Rushmore. Punk says he has defeated Ryback twice now at Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series, so why is he being forced to defend his title against Ryback at TLC? Punk says he has nothing to do with Bradd Maddox and nothing to do with The Shield. The Miz's music hits on stage and out he comes. He says Punk lies and nobody believes him. Punk challenges him to come to the ring. Miz says he will but he challenges Punk to take a lie detector's test to prove he has nothing to do with The Shield, which looks like it is happening later. 3) Sheamus & John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler and WWE Heavyweight Champion Big Show when Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on Ziggler for the victory. Damien Sandow makes his way to the ring and cuts a promo on the crowd. His match is next; 4) Damien Sandow defeated Santino Marella when Sandow hit The End for the victory. Dolph Ziggler is backstage with Vickie Guerrero. Ziggler says he wants a rematch against Cena at TLC and goes to hug Vickie but she is hesitant. Vickie walks in her office and there's Brad Maddox and his personal cameraman. Maddox says nobody will forget his name. He convinces Guerrero to put him on TV tonight and if he wins, he earns a WWE contract. 5) Alberto Del Rio defeated Sin Cara with the Cross Armbreaker. Vince McMahon comes out to a nice pop from the crowd and has a word with Vickie Guerrero. Vickie talks about Cena vs Ziggler at TLC and says the match will be epic. Vince says it needs a stipulation. Vickie says No DQ match and the crowd boos. Vince whispers to Vickie that he has a ladder match in mind. Vickie says that's impossible because Cena and Ziggler aren't champions and you need something to reach for. Vince suggests briefcase... specifically Ziggler's Money in the Bank briefcase. The match is made and Vince tells Vickie to rest tonight. Vince brings up the lie detector test tonight and says if CM Punk has been lying about his connections then it will be Paul Heyman vs Ryback later tonight. 6) Randy Orton defeated Brad Maddox with the RKO. Post-match, The Shield beat down Orton and give him the three man power bomb. 7) WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and Wade Barrett to successfully retain his title. Cesaro hit the Neutralizer on Kingston for the win. The match was going to be Kingston & R-Truth vs Barrett & Cesaro before Teddy Long made a RAWactive poll to see which title would be on the line for a fatal-four-way. The MizTV segment is next with the lie detector test for CM Punk. Miz has a man and three Sheriff Department officers with him. WWE Champion CM Punk gets strapped in. Miz reminds everyone that Heyman will need to face Ryback next week if Punk is found to be lying. Miz asks Punk if he thinks he can beat Ryback by himself. Punk answers yes and the results were inconclusive. Miz asks if Punk worked with Maddox at Hell in a Cell and The Shield at Survivor Series. Out of nowhere, Rollins pulls Miz out of the ring and The Shield tear down the MizTV set and beat Miz down. Miz is victim to the three-man power bomb. Kane and Daniel Bryan run down and fight with Shield but the three man advantage overcomes them. Ryback runs down and then cleans house and Bryan, Kane & Ryback beat down Shield. Punk is now alone in the ring with Miz but then Ryback runs in the ring and gives the Shell Shocked to Punk. Ryback goes under the link and gets a ladder and steel chair and then a table. He power bombs Punk through it as RAW goes off the air with Ryback posing and the fans chanting "Feed Me More".
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