WWE Raw Results 3/9/12 – CM Punk & Paul Heyman Join Forces?

Last night’s WWE Raw results from the Allstate Arena in Chicago.

Matt Holmes


Last night’s WWE Raw results from the Allstate Arena in Chicago.


The show opens with Michael Cole on commentary by himself. He shows us pre-RAW footage where Jerry Lawler’s music played but he did not come out for commentary. Instead it is shown that Lawler and CM Punk are brawling backstage. Officials separate the two but they break free and Lawler runs into a big boot.


Justin Roberts is in the ring and introduces the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and out he comes. He talks about Chicago and says it’s time for Alberto Del Rio’s party to end. WWE Champion CM Punk interrupts him and comes out in jeans and a t-shirt. He gets a big pop from the hometown crowd as the fans chant his name.

Punk says he can’t relate to a guy like Sheamus because he’s not from here. Punk says the earlier footage of him beating up Lawler did not show the footage of “The King” attacking him from behind. Punk says there is only one king in Chicago and when you come at the king, you better not miss. Punk says Lawler got what he deserved, Chicago style. Punk says last week he tried to teach Lawler a lesson in respect until a white knight named John Cena showed up. The crowd boos Cena’s name. Punk asks the WWE Universe if they thought he had turned their back on them. The fans chant NO.

Sheamus chimes in and Punk is not happy that he is being interrupted. Sheamus gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. Punk says that Sheamus’ World Title makes him only the second best in the world, right behind the WWE Champion CM Punk. Punk tells Sheamus to shut his mouth. AJ Lee’s music plays and she comes out and makes two main events tonight. To hype WWE Night of Champions, it will be Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena and the other being Champion vs Champion, CM Punk vs Sheamus.


1) Dolph Ziggler defeated Randy Orton with a roll-up when Ziggler used the tights for leverage.


Post-match, WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz joins Michael Cole on commentary.


This week’s anger management class has Daniel Bryan with his anger collage that the teacher has asked him to produce. His sheet of paper is a bunch of YES! and NO! catchphrases written all over it. Bryan rips the paper up and says he can’t take the chants anymore. Kane is asked to share his collage next but he’s only got a blank piece of paper. The teacher asks Kane if that is how he feels inside – blank. Kane balls up the paper and throws it in the trash can, making the trash can explode. The teacher wants them to talk about their families as we cut away.
2) Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio defeated Cody Rhodes & Tensai when Cara leaps off the top onto Cody for the victory.


Another anger management skit with Bryan and Kane. Bryan is instructed to stand up and falls backwards so Kane can catch him. The teacher explains that this will be a real breakthrough if they can complete the task. Bryan says he does trust Kane but Harold ends up being the one to fall and Bryan and Kane don’t break it. Bryan says he thinks he has finally understood Kane and they have just made a breakthrough.


World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus is in the ring and ready for his match. WWE Champion CM Punk’s music hits but he comes out in his jeans, t-shirt and boots. He takes the mic as the crowd chants his name. He says Chicago gets it. They understand the WWE Champion vs World Champion is a match that should be reserved for WrestleMania main event status. Punk says he is a main event wrestler and the Chicago fans respect this. Punk brings up the fact that it is Labor Day and they will respect him if he takes the day off work. Punk holds up his belt at ringside and then talks to the back. AJ Lee stops him backstage and doesn’t want him to leave the arena Punk says his contract has personal days and this is one of them. Punk gets into a car and drives off. Matt Striker catches up with AJ Lee and asks her what she is going to do about the main event. She tells Sheamus she will find an alternative opponent for him.


3) World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger with the Texas Cloverleaf.

Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez were on commentary and post-match they distract Sheamus on the apron. Del Rio attacks Sheamus from behind and they brawl. Sheamus gets the better of it though and hits the White Noise on Del Rio but before he can hit the Brogue Kick, Ricardo pushes Sheamus out of the way and takes the kick himself.


4) Eve Torres defeated Kaitlyn with the neck breaker in an unnecessarily long match.

WWE Divas Champion Layla was on commentary.


Jack Swagger is walking backstage and ready to leave the arena. AJ stops him and Swagger says it seems everyone is taking some extended time off. Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho and now Punk. Swagger says he is sorry and says he is leaving.

More anger management clashes with Bryan and Kane. Bryan says he would be glad to give Kane a re-match from their SummerSlam match, anytime he wants it. Kane thanks Bryan and says one day, he will be happy to accept the challenge. The teacher tries to stop the ensuring Kane and Bryan brawl… Kane grabs Bryan by the throat and the teacher flips out big time and leaves the room, leaving Kane and Bryan looking stunned.

Michael Cole stands up at ringside and says AJ Lee wants the fans to decide the fate of Bryan and Kane. Go to Twitter and tweet #WWEmatch if you want a singles match, #WWEtag if you want them to compete as a tag team and #WWEhug if you want them to hug.


Matt Striker is backstage and asks Del Rio for an update on Rodriguez. David Otunga comes out of the dressing and says on behalf of his client, there is no comment at this time.
5) Ryback defeats Jinder Mahal with the Shell Shocked for the victory. Ryback had “Feed Me More” chants.


Matt Striker is backstage and asks AJ Lee what she is going to do as tonight’s RAW seems to be falling apart. She says the main event between John Cena and Alberto Del Rio will now be a Falls Count Anywhere match.


Kane and Daniel Bryan come to the ring to see what the WWE Universe has voted for them to do. #WWEhug wins with 55% of the vote.

Kane and Bryan look at each other in the ring as the referees order them to meet in the middle and hug each other. Bryan yells NO but the fans chant YES! Kane doesn’t look happy about it either but after some hesitation they look like they are about to embrace but Kane can’t do it. They try it again but Bryan just chest bumps Kane. The crowd boos. Third time’s a charm attempt but this time it is Kane who chest bumps. One more time they try it and Bryan puts his arm around Kane but Kane doesn’t hug back. This upsets Bryan and the crowd chants for Kane to hug him. Eventually they hug awkwardly. This wasn’t good enough for the refs and they are ordered to hug again. The crowd pops at them hugging and things get physical before Bryan shoves Kane but Kane shoves back.

Bryan eventually strikes Kane in the face and they go at it. Kane hits Bryan with the chair and chokeslams him before referees manage to break them up.


6) WWE US Champion Antonio Cesaro defeated Santino Marella with the Neutralizer to retain his title.


7) Zack Ryder defeated Heath Slater with the Rough Rider.


Vickie Guerrero and AJ Lee segment plays out in the ring with what looks to be setting up a match.


8) Alberto Del Rio defeated John Cena when CM Punk attacked Cena out of nowhere with a kick to the head after Cena had delivered the AA to Del Rio. As Del Rio is still dazed, Punk rolls him over Cena for the victory.

Post-match, Punk drops Cena on a car. Punks yells respect at Cena and holds up the WWE title in his face. He then gets in the car and it drives off as we see Paul Heyman was the driver.