WWE Raw Review 10/9/12 - Jerry Lawler Suffers Real Heart Attack

Lawler's condition said to have stabilised after suffering a heart attack live on air.

Last night's WWE Raw results from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Justin Roberts is in the ring and introduces WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart to a huge pop from the crowd as he makes his first return in a WWE ring to Montreal for 15 years, since the infamous WWE Survivor Series 1997. The crowd eventually calms down and allows Bret to speak. He thanks the fans for getting him through one of the darkest days of his life. WWE Champion CM Punk's music hits and out he comes. Punk talks about Bret's book and Punk says he doesn't have the ego to ever write a book about himself. Punk asks what would have happened if he had wrestled Bret at the Survivor Series instead of HBK. Bret says it wouldn't have mattered because the fans know Bret would have tied up Punk like a pretzel in the Sharpshooter. Punk says he doesn't believe Bret and Bret doesn't even belief himself. Punk says he is the best and he wouldn't need Vince McMahon to screw anyone from him. Punk says that if Vince had never screwed Bret, the precious Attitude Era would never have been born and he would have jump shipped to WCW so WWE would be dead by now. Bret mock's Punk's line about being the best in the world and says he is still the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. Punk is amazed that Bret still calls him out. Punk takes a shock at Jerry Lawler. Bret says Lawler would have never walked out of the ring like a coward. Bret shows footage from last week when Punk laid out Lawler and took the night off. Footage is also shown of CM Punk driving off with Paul Heyman. Punk says he was in his hometown and returned to the arena to get some things he forget when he saw John Cena. Punk wonders if Cena is in the back watching now. Punk gets in Bret's face and wonders if Cena is going to make the save for "The Hitman" tonight. They start arguing over resect. Punk brings up that he has been WWE Champion longer than Bret ever was. Punk says on Sunday he will cement his legacy as the greatest WWE Champion of all time. Punk says Bret is over hyped and over rated. On Sunday, he will put John Cena to sleep. The crowd chants "asshole" at Punk as he raises his belt up and screams as his music plays. Twitter poll tonight is for the fans to pick an opponent for CM Punk. The candidates are Brodus Clay, Randy Orton or Jerry "The King" Lawler. 1) WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth defeated WWE US Champion Antonio Cesaro & WWE IC Champion The Miz in a non-title match. The finish came when Kofi hit Cesaro with the Trouble in Paradise for the pinfall. Footage is shown of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus in a room his lawyer and David Otunga, Ricardo Rodriguez and other legal types. Otunga grills Sheamus about not being able to use the Brogue Kick and using it on Rodriguez. Sheamus admits he used it and would again. Otunga shows a photo of Sheamus kicking referee Chad Patton earlier in the year. 2) WWE Divas Champion Layla, Eve Torres & Kaitlyn defeated Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox and Natalya. The finish came when Eve hit the neck breaker on Alicia for the victory. Cole plugs Layla vs Kaitlyn at Night of Champions, so for the moment Eve is not involved. Raw General Manager AJ Lee is backstage when CM Punk walks in. He says he is upset that he has a match tonight and John Cena doesn't. Punk also isn't happy that the fans get to pick his opponent tonight. AJ says things could be worse and she could make him face Sheamus. Orton wins the Twitter poll and the match is next... 3) Randy Orton defeated WWE Champion CM Punk by DQ in a non-title match. Orton was about to deliver the RKO on Punk but Dolph Ziggler ran in and caused the DQ. After the bell, Orton powerslams Ziggler and waits for him to get up. Orton waits on Punk to get up but Ziggler attacks him from behind. Punk and Ziggler beat Orton down until Jerry Lawler rushes in for the save. After a commercial, AJ Lee makes a tag match involving all opponents... 4) Randy Orton & Jerry Lawler defeated WWE Champion CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler when Orton hits the RKO on Ziggler for the win. After the break, Matt Striker approaches Paul Heyman and CM Punk backstage. Striker asks about their relationship and Punk says simple that he is a Paul Heyman guy. Kane is backstage with Daniel Bryan and Bryan says he heard Kane had something to say. Kane said he had heard the same thing about Bryan. Dr. Shelby, the anger management teacher, appears and then AJ walks in. AJ says she and Dr. Shelby got together to get them in the same room. Shelby has something planned that might save Kane and Bryan or ruin them. After the break, Heath Slater is in the ring talking about Zack Ryder. Slater says he wants a rematch but Ryder appears on the big screen and introduces who Slater's opponent will be instead. 5) Ryback defeated Heath Slater with the Shellshocked. AJ Lee has called The Prime Time Players into her office. She says there has been a mistake and they aren't actually the number 1 contenders to the tag titles. AJ says they haven't even beaten every team but they will get a chance tonight. The new team they have to face are Daniel Bryan and Kane. 6) Kane & Daniel Bryan defeated The Prime Time Players to become the New number 1 contenders for the Tag Titles. The finish came when Kane chokes lamed Bryan on top of Darren Young for the pinfall. During the match, the fans were distracted at ringside at something that was going on. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler were completely quiet on commentary. 7) Alberto Del Rio defeated Tyson Kidd with Ricardo at ringside wearing a neck brace. After the match we go to ringside and a visibly shaken and concerned Michael Cole confirms that Jerry Lawler passed out at ringside several minutes ago and is now backstage receiving medical attention backstage. Cole says they are performing CPR at the back and there will be an update later. 8) WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated David Otunga with the Texas Cloverleaf for the submission. There was no commentary during the whole match. After the match, we see Cole sitting at ringside for a second. Sheamus comes back to the ring and lays Otunga out with a Brogue Kick. AJ Lee comes out but is quickly interrupted by Booker T. Booker says he is upset at Sheamus for using the banned move. Booker announces that if Sheamus uses the move before his investigation is over, then he will be stripped of the World Heavyweight Title. No commentary plays as footage plays of Bryan and Kane. Back to the ring and Cole is at ringside, looking more concerned. He says this is not part of tonight's entertainment. He says Lawler has been taken to a local hospital and is receiving oxygen. Cole adds that Lawler is breathing on his own but it is an extremely serious situation. Cole says that out of respect, there will be no more commentary tonight. 9) Cody Rhodes defeated Rey Mysterio with the Cross Rhodes for the win. After the match, The Miz enters the ring and grabs Rey. Cody stops him and drops Miz with Cross Rhodes. Cody grabs the Intercontinental Title and raises it high in the air. Cody throws the belt on Miz and leaves. We go back to Michael Cole who says Lawler is more responsive but is being held in an isolated emergency room awaiting a CT scan. WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart is in the ring. He introduces John Cena to come out for the interview... Cena thanks Bret for the opportunity. Bret says he sees a lot of himself in Cena and that a lot of the old HBK in Punk. Cena gets boos from the crowd when he goes to speak. A "you can't wrestle" chant breaks out. Cena admits he couldn't lace bret's boots. But Cena says Punk is nothing but an insecure dude who can't shut up telling you how good he is. Cena says HBK earned respect and stood for something. Bret asks end what he plans to do to shut Punk up. Bret calls Punk a phony. Punk appears and says he has a problem with Hart calling him a phony. Cena chimes in and says Punk can either stay up there or come in the ring. Punk calls Cena the biggest phony in WWE history. Punk walks to the ring and enters while bumping Cena and Hart. Punk says you can't compare him to the old or new Shawn Michaels because he is better than HBK. Punk asks Bret if he remembers the hillbilly he made pass out at WrestleMania 13, Steve Austin. Punk says he's better than him too. Punk gets in Cena's face and he says he is better than The Rock too. Punk says he's the best wrestler, the best talker, the best technician, the best brawler and that he is anything but phony. Cena says Punk has been WWE Champion for 300 days and for 300 days the title has been irrelevant. Cena says Punk has watched main events pass him by. Cena says Punk has been here for years but his biggest night was when his mic cut out. Cena says Punk doesn't even know who CM Punk is. Cena goes on and talks in French, whilst Punk rips at him and things get intense. Cena takes off his shirt and readies for a fight. Punk goes at Bret but Bret drops him with a ring hand, sending the WWE Champion to the floor. Cena and Bret celebrate in the ring. We go back to ringside and Michael Cole. He says Lawler's condition has stabilised, he is breathing on his own and his heart is beating on its own. Cole goes over what happened to Lawler tonight. He reiterates his condition has stabilised and he is being prepared for a CT scan of his head and chest. Cole asks for everyones thoughts and prayers as the show ends. Click "next" below for the latest update on Jerry Lawler's situation...
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