WWE Raw Viewership Stays High For Superstar Shake-Up

A slight drop-off, but that was to be expected.

braun strowman

This week's Raw was always going to see a drop in viewership, regardless of what happened. WWE's post-WrestleMania Raw is typically one of the biggest of the year, and drew an impressive 3.76 million viewers last week - the show's highest number since this time last year.

While the decline was inevitable, the Superstar Shake-Up still helped Raw to an impressive viewership this week. Headlined by United States Champion Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose, his Intercontinental counterpart, the show drew an average of 3.429 million viewers, with a traditional drop-off in the third hour:-

Hour one: 3.43 million

Hour two: 3.60 million

Hour three: 3.26 million

This makes it the third most watched Raw of the year, falling behind last week's show, and the January 30th episode (3.615 million viewers). Raw finished as the number two cable show of the night, trailing The O'Reilly Factor, and second to Love & Hip-Hop in the 18-49 demographic.

The number will likely drop without a major hook like the Shake-Up to promote for next week, but this is encouraging news for WWE. With the roster changes concluding on SmackDown last night, they can probably expect solid ratings for the blue brand too.


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