WWE Reports Record Results For 2017

Fourth quarter results were "the highest in company history"...

Vince Mcmahon family

WWE issued a report today revealing that business reached an all-time high in 2017.

According to the released records, revenue increased 10% to $801.0 million last year, and was especially high during the fourth quarter; there, revenue increased 9% over 2016's figures to $211.6 million.

The company also revealed some changes to upper management. Due to their hard work over the past 4 years, George Barrios and Michelle Wilson have been promoted to Co-President status in WWE and have subsequently been appointed to WWE’s Board of Directors as a result.

Both Barrios and Wilson will continue to report directly to Vince McMahon, and the WWE Chairman gave the promotion his own stamp of approval.

"The successful transformation of our business model has put us in a position to capitalize on all that the changing global media landscape has to offer", McMahon stated. "I am confident that our executive management team, led by Michelle and George, will achieve continued success across key strategic initiatives and ensure our long-term growth."

For a full run down of the 2017 financial report and a projection for 2018, head on over to WWE's corporate website.

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