WWE Reveal Record Revenue In Latest 2018 Financial Reports

WWE's financial clout keeps on growing.

Vince McMahon smells some money
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WWE have today released their financial earnings reports for Q4 2018 and the full calendar year, showcasing another record-breaking period for the market-leading wrestling promotion.

Full details can be found on WWE's corporate website, but the highlights are many, and including revenue increasing 16% to $930.2 million - the highest figure in company history.

Other notable successes include operating income hitting $114.5 million (a 51% upturn), and adjusted OIBDA (WWE's preferred metric for measuring profit) increasing by 31% to $178.9 million, vastly exceeding the company's expectations. A 58% increase in international revenue also saw that figure jump from $201.3 million in 2017 to $317.8 million for 2018.

As far as digital engagement goes, video views leapt 57% to 31.4 billion across all platforms, while hours consumed went up 77% to 1.2 billion.

Some of these successes can be attributed to the company's ongoing 10-year agreement with Saudi Arabia, as well as their new TV deals with the USA Network and Fox Sports, both of which kick in on 1 October 2019. Regardless, it's clear that George Barrios' money-making machine is still extremely efficient at extracting currency from consumers' pockets.

WWE will hold a conference call to discuss the reports at 11am ET (5pm GMT) today.

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